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Department Structure


Mentoring System


To provide guidance, motivation and emotional support to students for professional and personal development and to achieve academic progress

Number of Mentors: 2-3 per class

Number of Students per Mentor: 20-25

We Establish Mentor System for regular progress of students. All students of department divided into 20 students under member of teaching staff by HOD and class teacher. The student details  is maintained . Monthly Mentor meeting will be conducted. In that meeting discusses some students problems and then quickly find out the solution on problem. Mentor help student to solve their academic problem and improve performance . Counseling of students is done at personal level, if needed. Parents‟ meet is held once in a semester to  discuss  their  wards  progress  at  college  and  find solutions to academic or behavior problems. Students performance in unit test and  attendance are presented in the meeting. The bright students are felicitated in parents meet.

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